Underground Storage Tank Bees – Trapout

There is no telling how long ago the honeybees moved into an under-slab storage tank.  This tank was built into the slab of a commercial warehouse building – and has sat unused for YEARS.  The new owners of the property want the bees to be gone, however did not want to have them killed.  After a bit of research – they were referred to me for performing a live removal.

The best option in this situation is a trapout.  A one-way exit is placed over the bees’ entrance to their home – and as they exit – they cannot find their way back in.  The only drawback to a trapout – is that it takes time.  Sometimes up to 6-8 weeks for all the developing bees to mature into flying adults, then exit the hive.

In a day or so, I will return and add a frame of eggs from another hive, so that the worker bees can raise a new queen while we wait for the remainder of the bees to exit their old home.

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