Dealing with Small Hive Beetles

This video shows several methods for dealing with small hive beetles. Some methods are:

Beetle Blaster Trays – Loaded with oil or DE Unscented Swiffer Sheets Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Other methods not mentioned in the video are:

Beetle Buster Bottom Boards Mighty Mite Thermal Treatment (yes – kills SHB also!)



Melted Out

Though bees were active in this space days prior to the removal – it may have simply been robbing activity. The placement of the hive raised a concern when I evaluated the colony – as it looked like the hive would be exposed to some intense sun exposure – and the week I evaluated – […]

“What if I just leave the bees in my house?”

(note: Click photos for larger view)

I often am asked : What will happen if I just leave the bees”, or “What if we wait?”.

The following pics are a graphic example of one possible scenario that can (and does) occur.

Scene: In October of 2015, the homeowner observed bees swarming, and moving into a […]