WondSong Movement – JumpSTART – Pollinator Presentation

I have recreated the blog post made by Daisy WindSong for her JumpSTART program for children.  A presentation on bees and pollinators was given to the children of a Dallas area homeless shelter.  Shared are various forms of passion – whether it be a hobby, exercise, meditation technique, or other activity that is useful in our lives to give these children ideas and hope for their tomorrow.

Daisy’s original blog post is here:  SUCCESS!

And her initiative can be found here:  WindSong JumpSTART – Join the Movement!

Our first meeting of JUMPSTART was a huge success! Here’s a few pictures from our evening!


We started off the evening with a nice open heart circle and some stretching to get us relaxed and ready for our meditation!


Then Rex shared a song with us all and we sang along as he played the harmonium! (note from Rex – I brought 1971 forward to 2015 with a rendition of “Teach the World to Sing” – originally by Coca Cola corporation, then re-lyriced by the New Seekers to remove the commercial branding in the song.  Lyrics below.  The kids were given a song sheet – and much to my surprise, sang along with me.  It was fantastic!)


Rex then quizzed us on our knowledge of bees! I was surprised by how much the kids knew!


Then finally, they were revealed!


I’m so grateful for that sturdy little box! The kids had a blast and no one was stung!


Thank you, volunteers of JUMPSTART! You make this project great in every way!


My rendition of Teach the World to Sing – with a little Sanskrit fade-away addition at the end of the song.

Teach World to Sing_lyrics

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