Cutout by the Lake

I received a call for honeybees that were located in a home – near a local lake in a gated community.  The home is about 25+ years old.  Upon inspection – I determined that the bees were (luckily) located above the fascia board near the roof line.  the variable being – how high into the attic-space did they continue to go?

These bees were very gentle.  The only stings that I took were of my own account (accidentally squashing a bee, etc).  My helper, though, took her first sting on this cutout.  She’s helped me on several calls – but this one was the “magic one”.    Here’s a few pics of the hive.

There were a LOT of bees pulled with this colony – but only about 4-5 combs of brood.  The rest was capped and uncapped honey.   This took approximately 8 hours total from start of inspection – til I buttoned up the home, added insulation to the void in the fascia space, and caulked with silicone to seal the entrances to the home.

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