Varroa and Mite Management – More important than ever

It is now July of 2022, and Varroa Destructor mites have been detected in Australia.   The beekeepers there have long enjoyed their vocation (and hobby) of beekeeping without this pest, which is a known transmission vector for at least 27 destructive viruses.

Varroa Mite

Australia’s Department of Primary Industries current action plan is […]

Texas Wildflowers In Bloom!

Many of the hives of honeybees that were removed from residences or collected as swarms and nursed to strength have been moved up to full 10-frame commercial-sized boxes.  They are now re-orienting to a new field and feasting on some of the best forage that can be provided – land used as an organic farm, […]

Disturbing Genetic Modification Technology – Honeybees

This month I attended a beekeeping conference in which disturbing advancements in technology have been announced.

An employee of Monsanto, who works for acquired company BeeLogics indicated their intent and research into modifying the genetic makeup of honeybees by means of RNAi protein control.

RNAi – when performed naturally by the body happens from the […]