Magnolia Tree Bees – External Hive

These honeybees had never stung anyone living around the hive.  The hive was 19′ in the air – externally built on a limb of a magnolia tree.  The homeowner called around to get information on having them removed… and another “removal company” (that is really an exterminator with a “beekeeping related” company name) diagnosed these bees as being Africanized – while on the phone with her – and told her that they would show her that they were Africanized by waving a teddy bear in front of the bees – and when the bees attack it – that they would be *confirmed* as Africanized.  I’ve heard this line of BS from other clients who have dealt with that company as well.  The teddy bear has probably got a TON of alarm pheromone on it from other hives – making ANY bees want to attack it.

They KNEW that the bees were not aggressive, and yet gave a diagnosis of Africanized.  Some companies try to sell FEAR to customers to get them to make rash and irresponsible quick decisions.

Luckily, this homeowner called around for a 2nd opinion.  The situation (and the bees) were evaluated, and in the video you can see how atrocious their demeanor is towards me.  lol….  This short video clip was taken just before removing the comb and transferring it and the bees to a 5-frame nuc box.

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