Prepping your PRO-NUC for use with a feeder

If you are using a pro-nuc for raising bees, whether you have captured a swarm, or simply making splits – you will want options for feeding the bees when there is no nectar flow.

In the video below, I show two methods of opening the holes for an external hive (or NUC) top feeder.   Another option is to use an internal feeder – however those take up the space of 2-frames, so they do not allow a full buildup of comb onto all 5 frames of a NUC.

With an external feeder, the bees will have all frames available to them for drawing out wax.

Methods for opening the feeder slats:

  • Multi-tool (oscillating vibrating tool) that quickly slices through the plastic ridges
  • Box Knife Blade

As shown in the video, Jason Smith of JC’s HoneyBees uses the oscillating multi-tool.  I do not own this type of tool, so I opted to heat up a box-knife blade, and slice through like a hot knife through butter.



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