Honeybee Removal – Forced Abscond from a Tree

These honeybees have been in the cavity of this tree for a few years.  The removal was very straightforward – and went fairly quickly.  Alltogether, bout 2-1/2 to 3 hours.

Honeybee removal from a tree. The tree is aged, and has some sizeable cavities within. Bees moved in at least a year ago (the comb I saw indicates longer). This type of scenario leaves (2) options for a live removal. (a) Trapout or (b) Forced abscond. The forced abscond was the right (and quick) choice for this tree.

And secondly: Forced absconds should be done in a slower manner than I did this one. Things I SHOULD have done: (a) – Go through the big cluster of bees that emerged, and FIND THE QUEEN – instead of vacuuming them all. (b) Don’t vacuum the emerging cluster Sometimes that’s the right tool – but honestly – this time – it wasn’t – and I could have taken it more slowly.

Once moved to a hive box in the evening – the bees decided to combine with another small NUC of bees in the box next to them. I probably injured or killed the queen through the vacuum process. Unfortunately, it happens – and was preventable.  I own my mistakes, and hopefully learn from then and adjust my future actions from them.


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