Brianna’s Bees – Swarm Catch from 2014 (video in link)

It’s been a while, however I found this gem of a video in the vault – that never got published.  A swarm arrived at this young lady’s home the night before.

Brianna was excited to learn about the bees, and had never experienced a swarm like this – she insisted on bravely scooping the bees by bare hand – just like I did.

The queen was quickly found – however the rest of the colony decided to fly around the neighborhood looking for her scent (my queen clip may have had old wax or something masking her scent on it).   Not on video – but I walked in the street and sidewalk with the queen clip in my hand for the workers to catch a whiff of her scent and return to the hive box I’d brought.   They quickly found her, and she was placed in the hive body – and they started pouring in.  The next morning they were picked up and taken to the bee yard.

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