Late Season Removal

The homeowner has had bees in this house for at LEAST 3 years.  While they have not been a problem for the homeowner, they posed a potential problem for roofing crews who were to replace the roof.  Hammering and activity on the roof tends to occasionally upset bees that are just below the roofers.  😉

A temperature gun indicated that the cluster of bees was in the lower soffit.


Sure enough – that is where the comb and bees were found.


There was plenty of comb – stretching from edge to edge around the corner of this soffit space.


Some of the comb was VERY dark, and tough – indicating that it was aged.


Once the comb was removed – the roof decking was scraped of all the comb possible, then insulation was placed into the void space to prevent future swarms from moving into the area.


The queen was quickly found on the brood-comb, and was placed into a clip, and the brood comb added to a hive body for the bees to tend to.




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