December Honeybee Rescue

Another late-in-the-year honeybee rescue/removal performed yesterday – just as the rains and cooler weather came through.  The NTTA needed the bees removed from an irrigation valve box near the Addison Airport toll tunnel.

They had called an exterminator that uses “Bees” in part of their company their name to imply that they are beekeepers. They are NOT.   And they had quoted an outrageous price to come kill the bees.    The NTTA folks were concerned for the bees, and decided to call me to perform a live bee removal.  I’m glad they did!

The hive was a recently moved in colony. There were only 2 large pieces of comb, plus several smaller pieces. With the rain coming, and the small amount of bees in the irrigation valve box – I had the entire removal completed in less than 15 minutes, and was on my way.

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